m.r.Life ι**=7/3ψ

Bird & Mammal Populations


Here you may download the trait estimates as ver. 1.01 of February 2024. They are available under a Creative Common NonCommercial ShareAlike International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

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Population Dynamic Simulator

You can examine the population dynamics of all species in the Population Dynamic Simulator. Here, you can change the initial conditions of the estimated models, constructing your own simulations by adding a trend in the equilibrium abundance, including catastrophic mortality in a chose year, adding random variation to the birth rate, or altering the length of the simulation. The only parameters that are fixed are the estimated density and selection regulation parameters, and the life history that determines the age-structured dynamics of the species.

You run and control the appearance of each simulation by four buttons:

plots the natural selection induced acceleration/deceleration of the population dynamic growth rate r = log λ.

All population specific models are determined by model selection allowing for changes in the population dynamic equilibrium. These changes may reflect a fragmentation/deterioration or expansion/improvement of the original habitat. Each BMP simulation has a habitat button that shows the estimated density trajectory in the original habitat in addition to the trajectory of the whole population, assuming that changes in the overall equilibrium occurs from an expansion or fragmentation of suitable habitats.

simulates from the chosen parameters and initial conditions.

resets the simulation.

Caution should always be taken when interpretating i) population models with poor fits to the abundance data and ii) extrapolated models for species with no time-series data.