m.r.Life ι**=7/3ψ

Bird & Mammal Populations

BMP - the population dynamics & life histories of birds & mammals
Use BMP to explore the life histories & simulate the population dynamics of 14,353 species & 3,847 populations of birds & mammals.

The life histories of species are correlated, allowing for a decomposition where large components of the underlying variation are explained by a few axis of natural selection.

The inclusion of selection regulation in BMP allows for a deeper understanding of population dynamic causes.

This clarifies limitations for biological indicators, broadening our view on interactions with resources, habitats, & history.

BMP extends the LHM to population dynamic models for 3,847 population dynamic time series; extrapolating models across species.

Selection regulation is estimated to be more important than density regulation, explaining population cycles in birds & mammals.

BMP uses large datasets to estimate the equilibrium life history models (LHM) that reconcile the physiology, metabolism, demography, & foraging ecology at the population dynamic equilibrium of each species.

Understand the method & assosiated uncertainty.